Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator (EADI) Quiz

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What does the electronic attitude direction indicator (EADI) normally comprise?

Attitude indicator, fixed aircraft symbol, pitch and bank command bars

What do the command bars display for lateral guidance?

Roll left or right to provide lateral guidance

How does the pilot fly the aircraft with the command bars armed?

Inserts the aircraft symbol between the command bars

What do the command bars show for pitch commands?

Allow the pilot to capture and fly an instrument landing system (ILS) glide slope, a preselected pitch

What is indicated by the aircraft's attitude relative to the horizon on the EADI?

The fixed aircraft symbol and the flight command bars

Test your knowledge of aviation instruments with this quiz on the electronic attitude direction indicator (EADI). Learn about its components and functions, including attitude indicator, pitch and bank command bars, glide slope indicator, and more.

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