Electric Current Flow between Conducting Spheres Quiz

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What is the direction of conventional current?

Opposite to the flow of electrons

What happens when two conducting spheres touch?

Charges flow from higher potential to lower potential

Which statement about electric current is correct?

Electric current stops when there is a potential difference

In which direction do positive charges flow in conductor C?

From B to A

Why does conventional current and electron flow have opposite directions?

Due to the different properties of positive and negative charges

What causes the electric current to stop between conductors A and B?

Equalization of potential difference between A, B, and C

What defines the direction of conventional current?

The direction a positive test charge would move

Why do electrons flow from higher potential to lower potential in conductors?

"Opposite charges attract" principle

Test your knowledge on the flow of electric current between conducting spheres when they touch. Understand how charges move from a higher potential to a lower potential until equilibrium is reached. Explore the concept through an animated scenario of two interconnected conductors.

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