Dutch and French Huguenots in the Cape Colony

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Who were the Khoikhoi?

A group of African farmers

What were the Khoikhoi homes made of?

Reed mats

What did the Khoikhoi use their animals for?

To provide food, clothes, and transport

What did the Khoikhoi do with their cattle?

They rarely used them for meat

Who were the indigenous inhabitants of the Cape in the 17th century?


What did the San acquire while living in present day Botswana?

Domestic stock

What did the Khoikhoi call themselves?


What caused conflict between the San and the Khoikhoi?

Language barrier

Which European countries sent settlers to the Cape?

Netherlands, France, and Germany

Who were the very first slaves to arrive at the Cape?

Slaves from the East Indies

What was the main source of labor in the Cape settlement?


How were most of South Africa's very first slaves brought to the Cape?

As personal slaves of VOC officials returning from Batavia

Which group of people did the Governor of the Cape encourage to learn the language of the Cape-Dutch?

The French Huguenots

What was the main reason why the Huguenots left their country of origin?

To escape religious persecution

Where did the trekboers move to expand the frontier of the Cape colony?

Northwards and eastwards

What did the trekboers use to preserve meat during their travels?

Special spices

Where did the slaves in the Cape come from?

All of the above

Who was the first slave to be freed in the Cape colony?

Catharina Anthonis van Bengale

What did some slaves do to resist their treatment at the Cape?

All of the above

Why did Jan Van Riebeeck attempt to buy Abraham van Batavia?

To keep him as a slave-worker

Which language influenced the development of Afrikaans?

Portuguese and Malay

What evidence suggests that Afrikaans was spoken in mosques?

Written records in Arabic script

Which surnames can be assumed to belong to descendants of slaves?

Cupido, September, and Titus

Who were the Huguenots?

Dutch and French immigrants persecuted for their religious beliefs

Which group of people became physically large with abounding energy due to the life on the veld and plentiful meat?

The settlers

What was the standard tactic used by the Boers when fighting local Africans?

Firing a volley from a distance and then retreating

What was the firearm used by the men called?


What developed in the blood of the settlers, giving them hope of a better land over the horizon?


What were the main forms of socializing among the settlers?

Card games, gossip, and community dancing

What was the reason for many of these people moving on to new land?

Hope of a better land

Test your knowledge about the Dutch and French Huguenots' migration to the Cape colony. Discover why they settled in Franschhoek and Paarl and how they integrated with the Dutch nation. Take the quiz now!

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