DNA Manipulation and Inheritance Mystery

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What did Hershey and Chase's experiment confirm about the genetic material of bacteriophage T2?

It consists solely of DNA molecules.

Why did Hershey and Chase use radioactive sulfur in one batch and radioactive phosphorus in another batch during their experiment?

To determine if sulfur is present in phage protein.

What was the significance of Hershey and Chase's experiment using two contrasting elements, DNA and protein, in bacteriophage T2?

It enabled them to conclusively show that DNA is the genetic material.

What was the main outcome of Hershey and Chase's experiment with bacteriophage T2?

The confirmation that DNA is the genetic material.

How did Hershey and Chase determine whether phage DNA or protein was transferred to E.coli during infection?

By using radioactive labeling and tracking sulfur and phosphorus.

What did Hershey and Chase's experiment with bacteriophage T2 illustrate about the study of genetics?

The significance of choosing the right model organism for experiments.

What was the leading candidate to be the genetic material before the 1940s?


Why did proteins seem to be a stronger candidate as genetic material compared to DNA?

Proteins were made from 20 different amino acids.

How did biologists establish the role of DNA in heredity?

Through experiments with bacteria and viruses

Who was the British medical officer mentioned in the text that contributed to the discovery of the genetic role of DNA?

Frederick Griffith

What was Frederick Griffith trying to develop a vaccine against?


What happened when Griffith mixed killed pathogenic bacteria remains with living harmless bacteria?

Some living bacteria became pathogenic

Learn about how scientists manipulate DNA in the laboratory and its role in changing heritable traits. Explore the mystery surrounding the molecular basis of inheritance in the early 20th century, focusing on genes located on chromosomes and the debate between DNA and proteins as the genetic material.

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