Dairy Department Dietetic Program Level 4 Course: Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management Lecture 2 Quiz

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Which factor can contribute to obesity by leading to consuming more calories than burned through exercise?

Having a sedentary lifestyle

Which medical condition mentioned in the text can be linked to obesity?

Prader-Willi syndrome

What role do genetics play in obesity according to the text?

Genetics can affect fat storage distribution and metabolism

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor contributing to obesity in the text?

Regular exercise routines

In the context of obesity, what does 'Inactivity obesity' refer to?

Obesity resulting from lack of physical activity

Which social factor mentioned in the text is linked to difficulties in avoiding obesity?

Safe areas for walking and exercise

What does obesity involve according to the text?

Excessive body fat accumulation

How are excess calories stored in the body in cases of obesity?

As fat or adipose tissue

What is the main impact of obesity on health according to the text?

Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes

What is used to classify overweight and obesity in adults?

Body mass index (BMI)

Which BMI range corresponds to 'Class II obesity'?

30 to 34.9 kg/m²

What does 'morbidity' mean in medical language?

'Morbid obesity' is a term for associated health risks

What dietary habit may contribute to weight gain during pregnancy?

Eating high-calorie foods

How can hormonal changes with age affect metabolism?

Decrease muscle mass leading to a slower metabolism

What factor may result in enough weight gain to qualify as obesity after quitting smoking?

Using food as a coping mechanism

What impact can sleeping problems have on appetite according to the text?

Increased appetite

How do microbiome and diet interplay according to the text?

Gut bacteria are affected by what you eat

Why is it mentioned that friends or relatives with obesity may influence your weight?

Because of their genetic influence

What is the most accurate measure of body fat and body fat distribution?

Skinfold thickness tests

Which of the following is NOT a recommended food for individuals with obesity?

Refined grains

What type of test can help diagnose obesity-related health risks by examining cholesterol and glucose levels?

Blood tests

Which food category is advised to be limited to small amounts for individuals with obesity?

Fruit juices

How many minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week are recommended for the average adult as per most guidelines?

150 minutes

What is NOT listed as a recommended source of protein for individuals with obesity?

Red meat

Test your knowledge on Obesity definitions and concepts as discussed in Lecture 2 of the course by Dr. Samar Ahmed Abd El-Galeel. Explore the causes, implications, and management strategies related to obesity.

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