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Which QUASER QI challenge was the most commonly missing in the case studies?


How many case studies had evidence of the emotional challenge?


Which organisation was rated as 'outstanding'?

Case 6

How many case organisations were rated as 'inadequate' at some point?


Which QUASER challenge was the least commonly missing in the case studies?


In which year did Case 7 come out of special measures?


How many case organisations achieved the 'good' rating?


Which QUASER challenge was associated mainly with system inputs?


'Special Measures' is denoted by the abbreviation:


Which challenge was met by engaging with stakeholders and sharing key quality improvement messages?


What was described as essential for one case in terms of leadership?

Weekly meetings with senior ward managers

What did the Chief of Service leaders, along with the executive team, start to make clear to staff to demonstrate commitment to improvement?

What 'good' looked like

What did the communications team use to keep staff, patients, and stakeholders informed about the main issues within the organization?

Full range of activities

Which challenge was influenced by the role of leadership across the organizations?


What is described as an ongoing activity rather than a one-off event in terms of political challenge?

'In Your Shoes' listening events and 'Enter and View' visits

What was the online tool used to engage staff in developing the trust’s values called?


How was the leadership team encouraged to interact with the staff?

By being visible on the floor and appreciating the staff

What form of training was provided to managers and non-executives to empower them to control their areas?

Quality improvement methodology training

What educational activities were provided to upskill the staff in quality improvement with direct application to their day-to-day practice?

Learning sessions and a summit for quality improvement methodology

Which system did one organization adapt to become the Improvement Method for their hospital?

Virginia Mason system

What was the initial emotional response of many members of staff when the trust entered special measures?

Shock and disappointment

How did the non-executive director recall the atmosphere when it was announced that the trust would go into special measures?

"Complete devastation"

What emotion did leads feel at the news of entering special measures?

"Surprise and disappointment"

What was the initial fear that was found among staff when sharing improvements?

"Fear of sharing improvement"

What was the name of the tool used to get staff involved in developing the trust’s values?


What challenges were reported to compound flailing quality improvement endeavors?

All of the above

What is the 'Happy App' designed for?

To monitor and understand staff satisfaction and engagement

What was stressed as important in dealing with harm and establishing a clear reporting mechanism?

Systematic approach to dealing with harm and a clear reporting mechanism

What was mentioned as an impact of the lack of structure on clinical care?

Needed to address the problem without worsening the financial position

What factor was described as important when responding to broader social, political, economic, and contextual factors?

Understanding the population at the planning stage

What approach was reported to support the needs of the community by providing input into addressing cultural sensitivities?

The Listening into Action (LiA) approach

What did the organization have to try bringing back without worsening the financial position?

Managerial structure

What was used to showcase the compassion and commitment of all trust staff?

New posters and infographics in visual messages to staff

What was described as being broken for some time, impacting systems for setting budgets and clinical governance?

'Processes and systems'

Test your knowledge on the importance of shared values in quality improvement and how organizations encourage staff to share their thoughts and feelings. This quiz explores the use of tools like Wayfinder to engage staff in developing organizational values.

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