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What is the recommended age range for surgical placement of an undescended testis to prevent complications like testicular atrophy and cancer?

6-12 months

What condition may be present in cryptorchid testes and is considered a precursor of germ cell tumors?

Germ cell neoplasia in-situ

Which condition may mimic a testicular tumor and is associated with a moderately tender testicular mass of sudden onset?

Granulomatous (autoimmune) orchitis

Which condition is likely to develop in school-aged children after the onset of parotid gland swelling?

Mumps orchitis

Which condition is characterized by the presence of numerous neutrophils in the histology of the testis, along with swelling and tenderness?

Suppurative orchitis

What infection can extend from the posterior urethra to the prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and possibly the testis causing suppurative orchitis?


Which condition is characterized by the failure of testicular descent into the scrotum?


What is the clinical significance of urethral defects associated with hypospadias and epispadias?

Increased risk of ascending infections

What is the most common location for the urethral opening in hypospadias?

Ventral aspect of the penis

Which condition refers to local inflammation of the glans penis and overlying prepuce?


What condition may lead to urinary tract obstruction and an increased risk of ascending infections?


What is the primary concern associated with an empty scrotal sac in a 1-year-old boy?


Which factor influences the sexual differentiation of the genital ducts in the male reproductive system?

Testosterone and AntiMüllerian Hormone

Which condition is characterized by inflammation of the epididymis?


What is the most common cause of testicular torsion?

Twisting of the spermatic cord

Which condition is caused by a viral infection affecting the salivary glands, but can also lead to orchitis?


Which inflammatory disease commonly presents with granulomas within the testicular tissues?


What is the term for the twisting of the spermatic cord, cutting off blood supply to the testicle?

Testicular torsion

Test your knowledge on cryptorchidism, a condition associated with an increased risk of testicular cancer. Learn about the recommended surgical procedure of orchiopexy to prevent complications like testicular atrophy and infertility. Understand the importance of early intervention to reduce the likelihood of developing germ cell tumors.

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