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What is the central idea of the text?

The protagonist's struggle with distractions and disinterest in class

What is the author's purpose in mentioning 'acid rain' in the text?

To introduce a contrast between relevant and irrelevant topics

How does the protagonist feel about the family members mentioned in the text?

He struggles to remember their names due to lack of connection

What can be inferred about the protagonist's attitude towards academic quizzes?

He finds them a source of anxiety and regret

How does the protagonist view Rachel/Rachelle based on the text?

As an annoying and attention-seeking individual

What is the significance of the family tree mentioned in the text?

It highlights the genetic traits passed down through generations

'Dominant/Recessive' written on the board by Ms. Keen most likely refers to:


'Andythis' and 'Andythat' used in relation to Rachel/Rachelle suggest:

Shallow personality traits

Why does the protagonist wish they were adopted?

To distance themselves from their genetic traits

What does David's action of drawing a family tree suggest about his character?

He is proud of his family heritage.

Interpret the given text and identify the underlying meaning. Analyze the narrative and explore the themes and symbols present within the story. Consider the characters, setting, and dialogue to uncover the deeper message conveyed by the author.

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