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What is the primary responsibility of the project manager in the context of the design-construction project?

To manage the design project on behalf of the owner

Who reports to the project manager in the conventional hierarchy?

The project architect and general contractor or construction manager

What is the difference between a project manager and a construction manager?

The project manager manages the entire design-construction program, while the construction manager only manages the construction project

What is the role of the client representative or project sponsor in a design-construction program?

To manage the harmonious oversight of the many projects within the program

What is the distinction between a 'design project' and a 'construction project' within a 'design-construction program'?

The design project is managed by the architect, while the construction project is managed by the constructor

What is the role of the architect in a design-construction program?

To protect the public interest during both design and construction

What is the purpose of differentiating between 'program' and 'project' in the context of a design-construction endeavor?

To define the roles and responsibilities of the architect

What is the primary purpose of the term 'design-construction project delivery' used in the text?

To emphasize the integration of design and construction activities

What is the role of building information modeling (BIM) and integrated project delivery (IPD) in the evolution of project delivery methods?

They have led to an increase in the integration of design and construction activities

What is the primary reason for the evolution of project delivery methods in the construction industry?

Changes in social, environmental and economic forces

What is the primary responsibility of a construction manager?

To oversee and direct the construction elements of a project

In the design-build method, what does the design-builder undertake to provide?

Both the professional design services and the construction services

In the context of program and project management, what is a program?

A group of related projects managed in a coordinated way

Which of the following is NOT considered a project?

The program of managing multiple related projects

What is the primary responsibility of a project manager?

To manage a project's scope, schedule, cost, quality and resources

Which of the following statements about the term 'project manager' is true?

It is used to describe the person responsible for managing a project's scope, schedule, cost, quality and resources in any company involved

In a design-build project, what is a common expectation of the design-builder from the architect?

Absorbing pursuit design costs

How does the design-build project delivery method impact the architect's traditional relationship with the owner?

The builder replaces the architect in direct communication with the owner

What is a distinguishing factor of Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) in project delivery?

P3s are commonly used for infrastructure projects and large public buildings

When engaging in a design-build project, what must architects consider to address the needs of both the design-builder and owner?

Developing strategic approaches

What is a key factor that architects must recognize when determining project fees?

Alignment of project delivery risk profile with risk sensitivities

Why is it important for architects in a design-build team to insist on compensation for their professional services?

To ensure compliance with local regulations

How does working in a design-build team mitigate risks for architects?

By sharing responsibilities with other team members

What general theme applies to risks in all types of design/construction project delivery methods?

Inseparability of risks from project endeavors

In a traditional project triple-constraint model, what are considered as the main constraints?

Time, cost, and quality/performance

What aspect do architects need to address when working with owners and design-builders?

Speed of production and cost efficiency

What is the primary purpose of a stipulated price contract?

To ensure the contractor performs the required work regardless of cost

What is the primary risk assumed by the contractor in a stipulated price contract?

All of the above

When should a stipulated price contract be used?

When the construction costs are reasonably predictable and full documentation is available

How are the fixed price or time for construction adjusted in a stipulated price contract?

They are adjusted by change orders

What is the key difference between open bidding and an invitation for bids from pre-qualified bidders in a stipulated price contract?

Open bidding allows for more competition, while pre-qualified bidding ensures higher quality contractors

What is a common argument made by critics of the P3 approach?

P3 projects transfer too much risk to the private sector.

What distinguishes the integrated project delivery (IPD) method from traditional contractual relationships?

IPD involves a multi-party contract with shared rewards.

What is a key feature of the validation phase in the integrated project delivery approach?

Abandoning unfeasible projects without any compensation to involved parties.

What is a primary goal of the warrantee phase in the integrated project delivery method?

Resolving deficiencies and distributing the risk pool.

How do governments justify using P3 projects over traditional government processes?

P3 projects can be delivered more quickly to address infrastructure deficits.

What impact does the P3 approach have on dividing total project costs compared to traditional methods?

P3 projects divide the total cost impact over the project’s operating life, resulting in smaller annual costs.

Which key element characterizes the integrated project delivery (IPD) method?

A single-project team with shared rewards and collaboration.

What does the IPD approach aim to achieve by breaking down the envelope between design and construction?

Harmonious and collaborative building performance and increased value for owners.

What sets apart P3 projects from traditional government processes according to government arguments?

P3 projects allow for faster delivery addressing infrastructure deficiencies.

How does IPD approach differ from traditional methods regarding decision making?

IPD involves multi-party contracts promoting shared rewards and joint decision-making.

What is the key element outlined in the Canadian Practice Manual for BIM to create a collaborative culture?

Commitment and Support

Under project management as a project delivery method, what role does the project manager play?


What is the distinguishing factor between 'project management' and 'construction management'?

Contracting structure

Which method combines fast-tracking, partnering, systems architecture, and incentives for repeat work?


In the Turnkey Development method, what functions are typically included?

Real estate activities, design, and construction

When using Unit Rates method, which type of projects is it primarily suitable for?

Heavy civil engineering work

What is essential for creating a collaborative culture according to Verma's definition of culture?

Shared values and attitudes

What distinguishes between an agent and a primary in project management?

Contractual relationships

What is a fundamental difference between 'project management' and 'construction management'?

Engagement of design professionals

What is an advantage of using the Just-in-Time approach in projects?

Strong emphasis on schedule adherence

Which of the following statements about construction management is true?

Construction managers can serve in different capacities with varying degrees of authority and responsibility.

In a CCDC 5A contract, how is the construction manager paid?

Based on a fixed fee, percentage of construction cost, or hourly rate.

What is the difference between a CCDC 5A and a CCDC 5B contract?

CCDC 5A is for construction management services only, while CCDC 5B includes a guaranteed maximum price for construction work.

What is the role of an 'advocate' architect in a design-build project?

To prepare the owner's statement of requirements and provide advice to the owner throughout the project.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of the design-build project delivery method?

The owner has less control over the design process.

In which project delivery method does the owner contract with a single entity to provide both design and construction?


What is the main advantage of using a construction manager?

The construction manager provides expert advice and coordination throughout the project.

Which of the following statements about construction management contracts is true?

In a CCDC 5B contract, the construction manager may assume financial liability for the project once sufficient bid packages have been received.

Which of the following statements about architects and construction management is true?

Architects may decline to provide construction management services due to lack of expertise or insurance.

What is the main responsibility of a construction manager at the beginning of a project?

To develop a construction budget.

What is the primary difference between Lease-back and Cost-plus project financing methods?

Lease-back involves the builder constructing and owning the project, while Cost-plus method involves compensating the contractor for actual costs and a fee.

Which type of project delivery method is frequently replacing the Cost-plus method?

Construction Management

What is the purpose of pre-qualification of contractors in a construction project?

To eliminate candidates who cannot demonstrate necessary financial capacity, expertise, and experience.

When are multiple contracts for one project particularly necessary?

When sequential tendering is required for different parts of a project.

Why is it recommended to use CCDC standard contract forms in construction projects?

They are endorsed by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee and regularly revised.

What is the purpose of having multiple contracts for one construction project?

To ensure safety responsibilities are clearly defined among contractors.

'Cost plus to a maximum upset price' variation is associated with which project financing method?

'Cost-plus' method

Which standard form of contract is considered the most common type of fixed-price contract in construction?

$CCDC 2 - Stipulated Price Contract$

'Time and materials' method is appropriate for which type of projects?

(B) Small, complicated projects where time is a factor

'Sequential tendering' in construction projects typically involves issuing separate bid packages for different parts of a project based on what criteria?

(C) By order of construction requirements (site work, foundations, etc.)

What is the primary responsibility of an architect in an integrated design-construction team?

To protect the public interest through their design work

Which of the following is NOT a way to discuss project delivery methods according to the text?

By considering the project life cycles in relation to the design and construction phases

In a design-bid-build project delivery method, when does the constructor's project life cycle begin?

With the tendering phase

How does the integrated project delivery (IPD) method differ from design-bid-build in terms of project life cycles?

IPD has project life cycles that are dissimilar to design-bid-build

What is the key characteristic of the design-bid-build form of project delivery?

The design team is hired before the constructor

What is the primary role of the construction manager (CM) in a construction management project delivery method?

To advise on and oversee elements such as schedule, cost, construction method or building technology

Which of the following is a disadvantage of the design-bid-build project delivery method?

Lack of coordination between the design team and the constructor

What is the defining characteristic of the integrated project delivery (IPD) method compared to other project delivery methods?

The design team and constructor are hired at the same time

Which project delivery method involves multiple tendering phases, resulting in overlap between the design project life cycle and the construction project life cycle?

Construction management

What is the key responsibility of architects in any project delivery method, whether retained directly by the owner or by a design-builder?

To protect the public interest through their design work

Test your knowledge on key concepts related to Construction Management and Design-Build project delivery method. Learn about the roles of a Construction Manager and the process of Design-Build contracts.

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