The Design-Bid-Build Method in Construction

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Who is typically NOT the owner's representative in a project?

The project manager

What is the term used to describe the total endeavor of creating a new or renovated facility?

Design-construction program

Who is responsible for the management of the design project in a design-construction program?

The architect

What has led to the evolution of project delivery methods in the construction industry?

Increased owner requirements

Which one of the following best defines a Construction Manager?

An individual or company employed to oversee and direct the construction elements of a project

What is the main difference between Design-Build and Construction Manager project delivery methods?

Design-Build provides both design and construction services, while Construction Manager oversees and directs the construction elements of a project

In the context of program and project management, what does the term 'program' refer to?

A group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control

Which of the following is a common method of project delivery in architecture?


In the Design-Bid-Build method, who administers specified aspects of the construction contract?


Which party holds responsibility for protecting the public interest in all types of design-construction program delivery?


How does the life cycle of the design project differ in the Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build methods?

They have the same life cycle phases

Which type of contract involves the construction manager assuming financial liability for the project?

Construction Management

What are the advantages of a construction management contract?

The owner has direct contractual relationship with the design team

What are the disadvantages of a construction management contract?

There may be conflicts of interest if there is no independent cost consultant

What is the role of an advocate architect in a design-build contract?

To prepare the owner's statement of requirements

Which form of project delivery is characterized by two independent contracts between the client/owner and architect, and the client/owner and the construction contractor?


What is one advantage of the Design-Bid-Build project delivery method?

Direct professional relationship between client and architect

When is Construction Management more commonly used?

When projects are small and simple

What is the main difference between CCDC 5A and CCDC 5B contracts?

The payment method for the construction manager

Which of the following is a disadvantage of the bridging method of project delivery?

The fee for the advocate architect is in addition to that for the design-builder.

What is a disadvantage of the design-build method of project delivery?

The responsibility for design approvals shifts from the owner to the design-builder.

What is an advantage of the bridging method of project delivery?

The design-builder provides the owner with a building design and related cost information.

What is a disadvantage of the design-build method of project delivery?

Decisions by the design-builder may be based more on initial cost rather than on design or long-term value.

Test your knowledge on the design-bid-build project delivery method! Explore the advantages, contracts, and key characteristics of this widely used approach in the construction industry.

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