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Who is responsible for paying the salaries of the construction superintendent?

The Owner/Client

What is the Architect's role in appointing the construction superintendent?

Appointing, subject to the Owner/Client's approval

Are the salaries of the appointed personnel deductible from the Architect's Fee?

No, they are paid by the Owner/Client and not deductible from the Architect's Fee

What is the recommended Professional Fee (RPF) for an Architect providing Design-Build Services on a Guaranteed Maximum Cost?

10% of the Project Construction Cost (PCC)

Is the Professional Fee (RPF) already included in the Guaranteed Maximum Cost for the Architect's services?

Yes, it is already built into the Guaranteed Maximum Cost

What is the basis for calculating the Professional Fee (RPF) for an Architect in Design-Build Services?

Project Construction Cost (PCC)

Test your knowledge of construction project management with this quiz on the roles and responsibilities of the construction superintendent, purchasing agent, timekeeper, and property clerk. Learn about the relationships between the Architect, Owner/Client, and personnel involved in construction projects.

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