Clinical Chemistry and Hematology: QA and Controls

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What is the primary focus of hematology?

The study of blood and blood-forming tissues

What is the purpose of ISO 15223 in medical devices?

Providing a list of symbols for medical devices

What is the level of the QC material for whole blood in hematology?

Level 1: Red

What is necessary before using hematology controls?

Invert gently the controls

What is the name of the automated CBC analyzer mentioned in the text?

Sysmex XN-550

What is the term for the separation of solid and liquid portions of blood?


What is a characteristic of an ideal QC material in hematology?

It is stable for long periods

What does the color red indicate in QC material for hematology?

High results

How should QC materials be stored?

At 2-8°C with the cap closed

What should be checked before using a QC material?

The expiration date

How should a vial of QC material be mixed before analysis?

By inverting the vial 20 times with a quick turning motion

What is the purpose of the piercable septum in the vial cap?

To enable sampler analysis

Test your knowledge on Quality Assurance and Controls in Clinical Chemistry and Hematology, covering reagent symbols, ideal QC materials, transportation, and storage conditions. Prepare to answer questions on ISO 15223, SYSMEX Hematology Controls, and more.

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