Classification of Phylum Porifera

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What are the two types of skeleton found in Porifera?

Fine flexible spongin fibres, siliceous spicules or calcareous spicules

What is the body shape of sponges?

Vase or cylinder-like, asymmetrical or radially symmetrical

In which type of environment do most Porifera live?

Aquatic, mostly marine

What are the two main openings in the body of a sponge?

Ostia and oscula

What is the interior space of the sponge body called?


How do sponges reproduce?

Both by asexual and sexual methods

Learn about the classification of Phylum Porifera based on the types of skeletons found in sponges, with a focus on Hyman's classification. Explore the general characteristics of sponges, including their aquatic habitat, sessile nature, body shapes, and more.

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