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Which type of cells are responsible for producing a sponge's skeleton?


What is the name of the large opening through which water leaves the spongocoel in a sponge?


Which cell type in sponges can transform into any other cell type required by the sponge?


What is the role of choanocytes in a sponge's feeding process?

Creating currents to force water through the sponge

Which structure surrounds the small pores (ostia) through which water enters a sponge?


What is the composition of a sponge's skeletal system made of flexible protein fiber?


In which part of a sponge would you find flagellated choanocytes lining the interior?


What is the function of amoebocytes in sponges?

Producing spicules

Which type of cells open and close to control water flow into a sponge through its pores?


What are needle-like structures found in a sponge's skeletal system called?

Amoebocytes spicules

Test your knowledge on the classification of sponges in Phylum Porifera, including the three canal systems and different body designs. Learn about the significance of spicules and the shapes/structures of sponges.

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