Chordata Classification

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What type of endoskeleton do bony fishes have?

Bony Endoskeleton

How do cartilaginous fishes 'breathe'?

Through gills covered by Operculum

Where can bony fishes be found?

In Fresh, Brackish and Marine water

How do cartilaginous fishes reproduce?

Give live birth and prefer internal reproduction (claspers)

What is the function of fish fins?

For swimming and sometimes for protection

Study Notes

Skeletal System of Fishes

  • Bony fishes have a endoskeleton made of bone tissue.

Respiration in Cartilaginous Fishes

  • Cartilaginous fishes, like sharks and rays, 'breathe' through a process called ram ventilation, in which they constantly swim forward to force water through their mouth and out of their gills.

Habitat of Bony Fishes

  • Bony fishes can be found in various aquatic environments, including freshwater habitats like rivers, lakes, and ponds, as well as saltwater habitats like oceans and seas.

Reproduction in Cartilaginous Fishes

  • Cartilaginous fishes, such as sharks and rays, reproduce through a process called aplacental viviparity, where the embryos develop inside the mother's body and receive nutrients from a yolk sac.

Function of Fins in Fishes

  • Fish fins, which are appendages that protrude from a fish's body, have several functions, including propulsion, maneuverability, and stability in the water, as well as support and braking.

Test your knowledge of marine science with this quiz on the classification of fish in the phylum Chordata. Learn about bony and cartilaginous fishes, their unique characteristics, and how they breathe through gills.

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