Marine Science - Kingdom Animalia: Phylum Porifera

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Which class of sponges is characterized by spicules made of calcium carbonate?


What is the main function of the choanocytes in sponges?

To capture and digest food particles

Which type of sponge is commonly known as the 'red boring sponge'?

Pione vastifica

What is the main function of the archaeocytes in sponges?

To act as stem cells and perform various functions

Which class of sponges is characterized by a skeleton made of four and/or six-pointed siliceous spicules?


What is the main problem caused by the 'red boring sponge' (Pione vastifica) on oyster and mussel farms?

It encrusts and destroys the shells of the oysters and mussels.

What is the main reason why sponges have few predators?

They synthesize toxic substances that make them unpalatable to predators.

Which class of sponges has a skeleton made of fibers of the protein spongin, the mineral silica, or both?


What is the maximum size that the 'red boring sponge' (Pione vastifica) can grow to?

1 m

Which class of sponges is often referred to as 'glass sponges'?


Test your knowledge on the general characteristics of sponges from the phylum Porifera in the animal kingdom. Learn about the simplicity, aquatic nature, filter feeding habits, and growth forms of these multicellular, sessile organisms.

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