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Which of the following is NOT one of China's four greatest inventions mentioned in the text?


From which Chinese emperor did China's name originate according to the text?

Qin (Chin) emperor

What do Filipinos commonly call China according to the text?


What does Mandarin Chinese call their country, as mentioned in the text?


How many dynasties are mentioned to have successfully ruled China in the text?


What is the meaning of 'Zhongguo' in English as mentioned in the text?

Middle Kingdom

Who succeeded the last emperor Jie and established the Shang Dynasty?


What led to the downfall of the last emperor Jie?

Loss of the Mandate of Heaven

Which dynasty is believed to have succeeded the Xia Dynasty, according to some historians?

Shang Dynasty

What significant cultural advances were made during the Shang Dynasty?

Industrialized bronze casting, calendar, religious rituals, and writing

Who overthrew the Shang Dynasty and founded the Zhou Dynasty?

King Wu of Zhou

What is the significance of losing the Mandate of Heaven for rulers in ancient China?

It meant they were no longer legitimate rulers

Who was the last emperor of the Xia Dynasty?

King Jie

Which dynasty is credited with laying the foundations of Chinese culture and civilization?

Shang Dynasty

Who led the people in revolt against the Xia Dynasty due to losing the mandate of heaven?

King Tang

What event led Tang to revolt against the Xia Dynasty?

Battle of Mingtiao

Who noted that the popularly assigned dates to King Tang are erroneous?

Joshua J. Mark

Which dynasty came after the Zhou Dynasty?

Qin Dynasty

Who was appointed by Yao to deal with the flooding of the Yellow River?


What was Gun's fate after his failure to control the flooding?

Killed himself

Who took over the task of handling the flooding after Gun's departure?

Gun's son Yu

What did Yu learn from his father's mistakes according to the text?

To respect the forces of nature

Why did Gun fail in controlling the flooding according to the text?

He overestimated his abilities

In what way did Gun act differently compared to how Yu handled the flooding crisis?

Gun acted alone without help

How did Wan-Nien contribute to the Chinese calendar?

By measuring shadows with a sun-dial and water clock

What did Wan-Nien prove that the Chinese did not know before?

The number of days in a year is 365

How did writing develop in China according to the text?

Through the use of oracle bones for divination

What was the purpose of using oracle bones in ancient China?

To predict the future

What was interpreted by the fortune-teller from the cracked shell or bone?

The answer to the question written on it

How did Wan-Nien’s work impact Chinese understanding of time?

By introducing a solar-based calendar

What philosophy did Shih Huang Di subscribe to?


How many men are estimated to have died during the construction of the Great Wall of China?

Roughly 1 million men

Which emperor died in 202 BCE and was buried in Xian?

Shih Huang Di

Who founded a new dynasty after the collapse of the Qin Dynasty?

Liu Bang

What did Wu Di do upon coming to power in 147 BCE?

Imposed controls on salt, iron, and grain supply

Which dynasty succeeded the Qin Dynasty after Shih Huang Di's death?

Han Dynasty

Which of the following is not one of the agricultural implements mentioned in the text?


In which region of China can one find the warmest areas in winter?


What does the Yangtze River serve as in China?

Official dividing line between north and south

Which of the following is part of China's climate according to the text?

Varied climate from bitter cold in winter to unbearable heat in summer

What industry did China excel in regarding its production according to the text?

Silk industry

Which of the following items was NOT mentioned under housewares in the text?


What is a common temperature range in Beijing during the summer months?

38C to 40C

Which Chinese region experiences short winters and temperatures around 38C during the summer?

South China

Where is Turpan located, known for being the 'hottest place in China'?

Northwest China

Which region of China can have extremely cold winters similar to those in Beijing?

Northwest China

What weather phenomenon characterizes the summer season in South China?


Which region is noted for its scorching daytime temperatures in summer and severe cold in winter?

Northwest China

During the Sui Dynasty, what significant construction project was completed?

Grand Canal

Which ruler successfully overthrew the Sui Dynasty to establish the Tang Dynasty?

Li Yuan

What innovation was attributed to the Han Dynasty?


What was a notable achievement of the Tang Dynasty according to the text?

Achieving a golden age

Which invention was credited to the Sui Dynasty?

Water-powered mills

What purpose did the Ever Normal Granary System serve in ancient China?

To transport grain from rich valleys

Which emperor of China is known for being the ruler during the period when China was considered the largest, richest, best-governed, and most developed country in the world?

Ch’ien Lung (Emperor Qianlong)

What minority group came from areas north of China and established the Qing Dynasty?


Which dynasty in China ordered the construction of dikes along the Yellow and Yangtze rivers to prevent droughts?

Yuan Dynasty

At its peak, what was China known as under Emperor Qianlong's rule?

Largest and most developed country in the world

Which event contributed to the downfall of the Qing Dynasty?

Corruption in the government

Which group paid respects to the dragon throne in the imperial capital by prostrating themselves before the emperor?

Tributary kingdoms

Test your knowledge on the history of Chinese dynasties from ancient times. Learn about key figures like Gao, Fa, Jie, and Tang, and understand the concept of the mandate of heaven in Chinese history.

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