Child Psychology and Toilet Training

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What can result if toilet training is done without flexibility or respect for the child?

Child develops ambivalence towards the mother

What does ambivalence mean in the context of the text?

Loving and hating someone at the same time

What is the characteristic of a child who has undergone very strict toilet training according to the text?

Obsessive-compulsive and hoarding

Which trait is associated with sadistic tendencies in children?

Feeling pleasure when causing pain to others

How do masochistic tendencies manifest according to the text?

Denying positive regard due to self-defeating behavior

What effect does constant negative labeling have on a child based on the text?

Results in the child internalizing negative perceptions

What is the main concept behind the term 'residuals' mentioned in the text?

Behaviors resulting from inadequate response to infant needs

According to Erik Erikson's theory, what outcome occurs if the care provided to an infant is inconsistent?

Development of mistrust

What is the primary focus of libidinal energy during the Anal Phase (18 months to 3 years old) according to the text?

Anal and urethral sphincters

Which of the following is NOT listed as a residual behavior in infants according to the text?

Playing with toys excessively

What is the key factor that influences an infant's development of a healthy personality according to the text?

The mother's implementation of toilet training

In Erikson's theory, what outcome is associated with consistent care for an infant?

Development of trust

What is the potential consequence of a child holding their pee or BM due to strict toilet training in an unconventional place like a mall?

Developing anxiety and resorting to peeing or defecating on the spot

What defense mechanism is mentioned in the text as a reaction to strict toilet training or negativism during toddlerhood?

Reaction Formation

During the phallic phase (ages 3 to 6), what is considered the most pleasurable experience according to the text?

Touching or fondling the genitalia

What is Erik Erikson's term for the developmental stage during ages 3 to 6 where children face the conflict between initiative and guilt?

Initiative vs Guilt

What may happen if a child is threatened with castration for exploring their genitalia according to the text?

Developing castration fear or complex

What would be the likely outcome if a child is persistently told bad things when they explore during the phallic phase?

Developing mental problems later in life

Explore the impact of toilet training on child development and personality. Learn about how flexibility and respect during toilet training can shape a child's emotional responses, and how conflicts may lead to ambivalence towards the mother. Understand the concept of ambivalence in child psychology.

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