Chapter 8: Agricultural Damage from Air Pollution

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Which air pollutant was estimated to cause losses to producers ranging from $1 billion to $5 billion in 1986?


Which of the following is NOT a symptom of plant growth changes caused by acid rain?

Excessive fruit production

What environmental issue has caused dramatic declines in amphibian populations since 1991?

Multiple factors including infections and synthetic compounds

What industrial facilities emit gaseous and particulate air pollutants?

Phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plants

What is a widely known example of agricultural damage caused by air pollution?

Destruction of grasslands by acid rain

What is necrosis in plants characterized by?

Brownish or black discoloration

What is the estimated annual death toll of waterfowls in the U.S. due to ingesting lead pellets?

More than one million

What is the major factor that makes assessing economic effects of air pollution on agriculture difficult?

The multiple variables involved

What is the term used to describe the fading of natural green color, or yellowing, of plant leaves due to air pollution?


What is one suspected factor contributing to the injuries of sea mammals due to water pollution?

Damaged immune systems from waterborne toxicants

Learn about the major damage to vegetation caused by air pollution as discussed in Chapter 8. Explore the effects of acid rain on forests, including stunted growth, reduced productivity, and early leaf senescence.

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