Carbohydrate Structure and Nomenclature in Biochemistry

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What is the general formula for carbohydrates?


What is the prefix for a 6-carbon sugar?


What type of carbohydrate is D-Glucose?


What is the term for a carbohydrate with multiple asymmetric centers?


What is the process called when a sugar molecule forms a new asymmetric center?


What is the name of the structure that represents the cyclic form of a sugar?

Haworth Structure

What type of glycosidic bonds are found in cellulose?


Which of the following is a component of starch?


What is the function of mannose binding lectin in the immune system?

To target all microbes

What is the main difference between glycoglycerolipids and glycosphingolipids?

The type of lipid backbone

What is the function of phytohemagglutinins in plants?

To promote cell growth

What is the mechanism of action of Tamiflu?

Inhibiting the release of the flu virus

What type of bond is present in maltose?

α-1,4 Glycosidic Bond

What is the correct nomenclature for sucrose?


What is the function of oligosaccharides found in glycoproteins?

play roles in cellular identity

What is the name of the polysaccharide composed of glucose molecules?


What is the term for the carbons that 'hide' when they are in a glycoside?

Anomeric carbons

What is the type of bond present in lactose?

β-1,4 Glycosidic Bond

Quiz on the structure and nomenclature of carbohydrates in biochemistry, including simple carbohydrates, monosaccharides, and saccharides. Covers glucose, fructose, ribose, and more.

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