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What is the main cause of cancer according to the passage?

Genetic heritage

Where do signals for growth come from in cancer cells?

Outside the cell

From which type of cells do carcinomas arise?

Endoderm cells

What is the characteristic of cancer cells related to the cell cycle times?

Considerably shorter than normal counterparts

What percentage of human tumors are produced by chemical carcinogens that arise from epithelial cells?

80% or more

Study Notes

Causes of Cancer

  • The main cause of cancer is not clearly stated in the passage, as it does not provide a specific explanation.

Cancer Cell Signaling

  • Signals for growth in cancer cells come from within the cells themselves.

Origins of Carcinomas

  • Carcinomas arise from epithelial cells.

Characteristics of Cancer Cells

  • Cancer cells are characterized by abnormal cell cycle times, which are often accelerated.

Chemical Carcinogens

  • Approximately 90% of human tumors are produced by chemical carcinogens that arise from epithelial cells.

Test your knowledge on the basic principles of cancer biology with this quiz. Explore the factors contributing to the development of cancer and the behavior of cancer cells.

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