CAIE AS Level Computer Science (9618) Practical Syllabus Summarized Notes

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What is the process of breaking down problems into subproblems in order to understand a process more clearly?


Which term refers to a solution to a problem expressed as a sequence of steps?


What is the process of developing a modular design by splitting a problem into smaller sub-tasks, which themselves are repeatedly split into even smaller sub-tasks until each is just one element of the final program?

Stepwise Refinement

What does an identifier table depict information about?


What is the process of filtering out and concentrating on the relevant information in a problem, allowing a programmer to deal with complexity?


Which data type is used to store a single unit of storage, such as a letter, number, punctuation, or space?


What is the primary difference between subroutines and procedures?

Subroutines return a value, while procedures do not.

What is the best loop to use when the number of iterations required is known?

FOR loop

Which control structure has a test to decide if certain instructions are executed?


What does the '!=' operator signify in programming?

Not equal to

Prepare for the CAIE AS Level Computer Science (9618) Practical Syllabus with summarized notes covering topics such as Algorithm Design & Problem-Solving, Abstraction, and Decomposition. These notes provide a comprehensive understanding of the practical aspects of computer science.

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