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What factor affects the supply and demand of products, subsequently impacting the quality and quantity of employees?

Economic conditions

Which factor involves managing sustainability and corporate social responsibility in HRM?


Which factor pertains to the impact of visible/ethnic minorities, women, Aboriginal, and disabled individuals in HRM?

Labour diversity

Which factor involves managing the workforce in an intense, hypercompetitive global economy?


What is the primary responsibility of Human Resource Management?

Attracting, retaining, and engaging diverse talent

When did the concept of human resources management first evolve?


What competencies are important for Human Resource Management?

Understanding of employment law and legislation

What is meant by 'employee engagement' in the context of Human Resource Management?

The emotional and intellectual involvement of employees in their work

What is the role of a 'Talent Manager' in Human Resource Management?

Managing human resources and employee movement within the organization

What is one of the challenges assumed by competencies for HRM?

Challenging assumptions

What is the purpose of environmental scanning in the context of HRM?

To balance external opportunities and threats to maintain a competitive advantage

What does the term 'Competencies for HRM' refer to in the given text?

Professionalism, ethics, and strategy integration

What change did Ontario make in 2015 regarding HRM professional designation?

Replaced Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRP) with Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)

What is the role of HR professionals as change agents according to the text?

Leading their employees through organizational change

What does professionalism in HRM entail based on the given text?

Qualifications and performance standards

What is the function of a code of conduct in the context of HRM ethics?

To provide a guide for employees on ethical conduct

Test your knowledge of human resource management, including recruitment, performance management, and compensation, as well as the responsibilities of attracting, retaining, and engaging diverse talent within organizations.

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