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According to the policy, what is the Department's stance on employees' use of blogs and other social media tools?

Employees have the right to use blogs and social media as a form of self-expression

What is considered unacceptable according to the policy?

Activities that adversely affect job performance, the performance of other employees, or Department operations

Why does the directive emphasize the need for employees to be thoughtful about their online perception?

To prevent damage to their own reputation and the public's perception of the Police Department

What is one of the reasons mentioned for adopting a standard of conduct for employees participating in social media communication and activity?

To ensure that online activity by employees does not serve to erode the public trust in the Department

What should employees be aware of when participating in social media communication and activity, according to the directive?

That their online activity can impact their own reputation and the public's perception of the Police Department

Which term refers to a self-published diary or commentary on a particular topic?


What is the specific portion of a social media website where content is displayed and managed by an individual or individuals with administrator rights?


What does the term 'social media' refer to?

Internet-based resources that integrate user-generated content and participation

What is the meaning of 'profile' in the context of social networking sites?

Information that a user provides about themselves

What type of online platforms do social networks refer to?

Platforms for creating profiles and sharing information

According to the Department Standards Directive 26.100, what is prohibited regarding the use of Department logos on personal web pages?

Using logos without authorization from the chief of police or designated supervisor

What is the guideline regarding the participation in social media while on work time as per Department Standards Directive 26.100?

Limited participation in social media during work time may be required for the performance of Department duties

What happens if off-duty online activity violates State statute, Federal statute, or Department policies and procedures?

It may lead to disciplinary action including termination

What are employees advised about regarding online postings as per the directive?

They are advised to be aware of the effect online postings may have on their reputations and privacy

What should employees do regarding third party's copyrights, copyrighted material, trademarks, service marks, or other intellectual property when using them online?

They should get appropriate permission before using them

What should employees not disclose or discuss according to the 'Employee Use of Social Media Directive No. 26.110'?

Guilt or innocence of any suspect or arrestee and comments concerning pending prosecutions

What type of comments, content, or images are prohibited according to the 'Employee Use of Social Media Directive No. 26.110'?

Defamatory, proprietary, harassing, pornographic, libelous

Employee use of social media

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