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What is the rank that comes between class and order in biological classification?


Who first introduced the class as a distinct rank of biological classification?

Joseph Pitton de Tournefort

What are the two criteria historically used to define a class in biological classification?

Distinct grade of organization and distinct type of construction

In which publication did Carl Linnaeus divide all three of his kingdoms of Nature into classes?

Systema Naturae (1735)

What is the taxonomic unit that class represents?


Which of the following is NOT considered a life process?


What distinguishes living organisms from non-living things?

Response to stimuli and producing offspring

What is essential for all living organisms, including plants and animals?


What are the vital processes that maintain homeostasis and proper functioning of the body called?

Life processes

On what parameters can living organisms be differentiated from inanimate entities?

"Responding to stimuli" and "requiring nutrition"

Test your knowledge of the class rank in biological classification with this quiz. Learn about the role of class as a taxonomic rank and its relationship to other ranks such as phylum and order.

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