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What is the function of an animal's heart?

Pumping blood throughout the body

Which part of an animal is responsible for breaking down food?


What is the primary function of an animal's lungs?

Oxygenating the blood

Study Notes

Circulatory System

  • The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout an animal's body, supplying oxygen and nutrients to its cells and organs.

Digestive System

  • The primary organ responsible for breaking down food in an animal's body is the stomach, with the help of digestive enzymes and acids.

Respiratory System

  • The lungs are responsible for exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide through the process of respiration, providing oxygen to an animal's body and removing waste products.

Test your knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology with this quiz. Identify the parts and functions of animals, including the function of an animal's heart, the part responsible for breaking down food, and the primary function of an animal's lungs. See how well you know the inner workings of the animal kingdom!

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