Ancient Indian Technology: Why Study?

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What are the key questions identified by Rudyard Kipling for gaining knowledge?

Who, What, Why, How, Where, When

Which field did ancient Indian civilization not make advancements in?


Why is studying ancient Indian science and technology important?

To address modern problems and inspire new innovations

What are the characteristics of a civilization mentioned in the text?

Philosophy, advanced human society, purposeful/peaceful living

Which scholars recognized India's rich civilization and living tradition of science and technology in ancient times?

Aurobindo and Vivekananda

In which areas did India have significant advancements according to the text?

Iron production, Zinc extraction, Glassmaking

What is the Indus Valley Civilization now known as?

Indus-Sarasvati Civilization

Which Indian scholars praised the richness of Indian civilization as still living today?

Aurobindo and Vivekananda

Which aspect is NOT part of the ancient Indian scientific methods and technologies mentioned?

Shipbuilding technology

What is a problem in modern society regarding leadership?

Leaders lack vision

What term is used to describe the current state of people not thinking for themselves?

Intellectual bankruptcy

Which book is recommended for additional reference materials in the course?

"History of Technology in India"

Explore the relevance of ancient Indian science and technology today. Gain valuable insights into methods for agriculture, water management, urban planning, textiles, and materials.

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