Anatomy of the Spinal Cord and Vertebrae

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What is the primary action of the Longus Colli muscle in the neck?


In what plane do lateral flexion and ipsilateral rotation occur simultaneously in the cervical spine?


Which muscle group provides segmental control of cervical spine?

Deep Neck Muscles

Which muscle is known for its role in craniocervical rotation and extension, with attachments at the occiput and attachment at the spinous processes of C7-T3?

Splenius Capitus

Which muscle's primary action is upper cervical extension and ipsilateral rotation, with its proximal attachment at the occiput and distal attachment at the spinous process of C2?

Rectus Capitus Major

What nerve supplies the Rectus Capitus Major muscle for its action of upper cervical extension and ipsilateral rotation?

Subocciptal Nerve (posterior ramus C1)

Which muscle is responsible for lateral flexion of the head on the neck and stabilizing the head on the neck?

Rectus Capitus Lateralis

In what triangle of the neck would you find the Common Carotid Artery, Internal Jugular Vein, and Vagus Nerve?

Anterior Triangle

Learn about the anatomy of the spinal cord and vertebrae, including their structures and functions. Explore the features of a typical vertebra and the location and components of the spinal cord within the vertebral column.

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