SFD.061REV01-Occupational Injury Illness Policy

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According to the policy, who is responsible for reporting any on-the-job illness or injury?

District Chief on duty

What is the purpose of this policy?

To provide procedures for accident reporting

Who is required to pay for members' medical treatment according to the policy?

Texas Workers Compensation

What should be done with any safety or environmental health hazard?

Reported to the District Chief

Who does the term 'member' include according to the policy?

All of the above

What is the scope of this policy?

Applies to all personnel of Spring Fire Department

What other policies or laws does this policy coincide with?

All of the above

What is the date of the document?


What is the revision number of the document?


What is the commitment of Spring Fire Department according to the policy?

All of the above

According to the Occupational Injury/Illness Policy, when must drug testing take place following an injury requiring medical care?

Within two hours

Where should the District Chief retrieve the Occupational Injury Packet from?

The District Chief's vehicle

What is the purpose of Texas Mutual's First Fill Program?

To provide prescribed medication quickly after an injury

Who should the injured member notify for a specimen collection for drug testing?


Which facility is recommended for non-life threatening care?

Next Level Urgent Care

Which facility is recommended for emergency care or care outside of Urgent Care?

CHI St. Luke's Health - Springwoods Village Hospital

Who makes the determination of where to transport the member in case of a life-threatening emergency at work?

Ambulance Personnel

Who is the insurance provider for workers' compensation insurance?

Texas Mutual

Where should the completed First Report of Injury form be submitted to?

The Payroll/Benefits Administrator

What is the contact number for Texas Mutual Workers Compensation Insurance?


According to the text, when may Spring Fire Department require a member returning from leave to undergo a fit for duty exam?

If the member's current condition may prevent them from performing an essential function

What type of health condition can be considered a serious health condition according to the text?

A health condition requiring inpatient care

What is the responsibility of a member who is injured in the Spring Fire Department?

To immediately notify their supervisor

What should a member do if they are released with work restrictions by a medical provider?

Report to light duty Monday thru Friday, 8 hours daily

According to the text, can volunteer members qualify for modified (Light) duty at Spring Fire Department?

No, they cannot qualify for modified duty

What is the consequence of a recovering employee failing to return to work after being released with medical restrictions?

They will be subject to disciplinary action

What happens when a member is cleared to return to work with no restrictions according to the text?

They must undergo a Department Fit for Duty test

What is the responsibility of a supervisor in the Spring Fire Department when a member is injured?

To immediately assess the incident and assist the member in seeking appropriate medical care

Who should be notified of injuries that require medical attention according to the text?

The Executive Chiefs and Human Resources

What should a District Chief do in case of non-life threatening injuries or illnesses where an ambulance is not medically necessary?

Make arrangements to transport the member to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care

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