Gajraj System: AI-Based Elephant Protection on Indian Railways Quiz

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What is the primary purpose of the 'Gajraj system' mentioned in the text?

To prevent collisions between elephants and trains

Why did India choose not to sign the COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health?

Apprehensions regarding the feasibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as required

Which organization co-hosted the Health Day ministerial event with COP28 Presidency and the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention?

World Health Organisation

What was the length of the stretch where the 'Gajraj system' was implemented?

700 kilometers

What was the reason for India's overall support for the ministerial event despite not participating in the Health Day delegation?

To demonstrate commitment to global health initiatives

What is the main role of the 'Gajraj system' in reducing elephant fatalities on railway tracks?

Alerting about elephants' presence on tracks

'COP28' stands for:

'Conference of Parties 2028'

'India's Concerns' about signing the COP28 Declaration primarily revolved around:

'Health and Climate' interlinkages

'Health Day Participation' mentioned in the text refers to an event organized by:

'World Health Organisation'

'India's overall support' for the ministerial event despite no participation in Health Day delegation demonstrates India's commitment to:

'Global Health Initiatives'

Test your knowledge on the innovative 'Gajraj system' implemented by Indian Railways to prevent elephant fatalities on railway tracks using AI technology. Explore how this system contributes to wildlife conservation efforts and mitigates the risk of collisions with elephants.

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