Sumerian Society and Beliefs Quiz
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Sumerian Society and Beliefs Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Sumerians, their complex society, belief in multiple gods, and the influence of their culture on other civilizations such as that of Abraham and the Jews.

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What did the Sumerians believe in?

One supreme god

How many gods and goddesses were in the Sumerian pantheon by the time of Abraham?


What is the main characteristic of the Sumerian religion?


Who founded the Jewish people?

<p>Abraham</p> Signup and view all the answers

What was Abraham's role in the Sumerian culture?

<p>He was the father of a new nation</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

  • The Sumerians were a people who lived in the area that is now Iraq in the third millennium BC.
  • They had a complex society with many classes of people, including nobles, commoners, clients, and slaves.
  • The Sumerians believed in one supreme god, An, and personified the elements and forces of nature.
  • By the time of Abraham, the Sumerian pantheon included more than 5,000 gods and goddesses.
  • The Sumerians were naturalists, because they worshipped nature rather than the Creator of nature; humanists, because their gods were really nothing more than glorified, immortal human beings endowed with supernatural powers; and polytheists, because they worshipped such a host of deities.
  • Despite the pagan religion and culture of their Sumerian neighbors, Abra-ham, a Semite living in Ur about 2000 BC, believed and obeyed the one true God. This led him to leave the influence of Sumer and become the founder of the Jewish people.
  • the father of a new nation and the bearer of God’s truth.

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