Astronauts Training and Psychological Challenges Quiz

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What is the most common way astronauts combat boredom during long space missions?

Staying busy with work

How many applicants were there for the 2013 class of astronauts?


What type of fitness do astronauts need to have in order to qualify for the program?

Both mental and physical

Study Notes

  • Astronauts go through two years of rigorous training before they are even chosen to fly.
  • The 2013 class had more than 6,000 applicants and only 8 were chosen.
  • Astronauts are rigorously tested for psychological as well as physical fitness.
  • But boredom is a potential problem on a long journey to Mars, because there is little to stimulate the astronauts.
  • One effective way astronauts combat boredom is by staying busy with work.
  • Some researchers on Antarctica have learned to create a unique office culture that celebrates many holidays.
  • On a Mars expedition, boredom could lead to psychological problems, such as taking risks.

Test your knowledge about the rigorous training process for astronauts and the psychological challenges they face during long space journeys. Explore how boredom and unique office cultures impact astronauts' mental health and well-being.

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