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What causes the moon to shine at night?

Reflection of sunlight

Why is life unlikely on the moon?

Lack of air

What are craters on the moon caused by?

Collisions with asteroids

How long does it take for the moon to orbit Earth?

28 days

During an eclipse, why can animals think it's night and sleep?

Cooling effect caused by the eclipse

¿Qué característica distingue el color de la luna visto desde la Tierra?


¿Qué causa los cráteres en la superficie de la luna?

Impactos de rocas y asteroides

¿Qué fenómeno astronómico provoca un eclipse?

La luna se interpone entre la Tierra y el sol

¿Cuál es una característica importante del movimiento orbital de la luna alrededor de la Tierra?

Pasa por fases lunares cada 15 días

¿Qué efecto produce el reflejo de la luz solar en la superficie lunar?

Ilumina la noche en la Tierra

Study Notes

  • The moon is a large ball of stone orbiting around Earth, one-fourth the size of our planet, covered with dust and rocks creating visible craters from Earth.
  • Despite appearing white from Earth, the moon is actually gray and reflects sunlight to shine at night.
  • The moon takes around 28 days to orbit Earth, with no air making life unlikely there, and its light is a reflection of the sun's light.
  • Eclipses occur when the moon moves in front of the sun, briefly blocking sunlight and cooling the Earth, causing animals to think it's night and sleep.
  • Twelve astronauts, including the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, have walked on the moon wearing special suits for temperature control and oxygen due to the lack of air.

Test your knowledge on the moon, its characteristics, orbit, lunar surface, and astronaut missions. Learn about moon's appearance, orbit, reflection of sunlight, eclipses, and astronaut experiences.

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