Astronauts won't walk on the moon until2026 after NASA delays next 2 Artemis missions

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What is the target launch year for Artemis 2?


Which Artemis mission remains on track to launch in September 2028?

Artemis 4

Who emphasized safety as the top priority for the Artemis missions?

Jim Free

Which agency is developing and testing new systems for Artemis 2?


How many NASA astronauts will be part of the crew for Artemis 2?


What is the revised launch date for NASA's Artemis 2 mission?

September 2025

Who said 'Safety is our top priority, and to give Artemis teams more time to work through the challenges with first-time developments, operations and integration, we're going to give more time on Artemis 2 and 3'?

Bill Nelson

What is the name of the mission that will involve sending a crew around the moon?

Artemis 2

When was the original target for the Artemis 3 moon-landing mission?

Late 2025

What is the reason for the delay in the Artemis missions?

First-time developments, operations, and integration challenges

Study Notes

  • NASA is adjusting the schedule for its Artemis moon mission, targeting September 2025 for Artemis 2 and September 2026 for Artemis 3.
  • Artemis 4 remains on track to launch in September 2028.
  • Jim Free, NASA's associate administrator, emphasized safety as the top priority for the missions.
  • NASA is developing and testing new systems for Artemis 2, including new facilities at Kennedy Space Center and a new abort system.
  • The agency is also addressing concerns regarding the heat shield of the Orion capsule after it charred during the uncrewed Artemis 1 test flight.
  • Some life-support hardware in the Artemis 3 Orion spacecraft needs to be replaced due to failures during testing.
  • The crew abort system's electrical system has not performed as expected during testing.
  • Artemis 2 will send a crew of four around the moon and back to Earth, including three NASA astronauts and one Canadian Space Agency astronaut.
  • NASA's Artemis mission represents the country and global coalition's abilities to accomplish what is hard and what has never been done before.
  • The text provides updates on Artemis moon program and includes information about the crew, leadership's enthusiasm, and challenges faced by the agency.

Stay updated with the latest news on NASA's Artemis missions and discover the best telescopes and binoculars for observing the moon. Learn about the delayed moon landing missions and the impact of this decision on space exploration.

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