Motivation and criminal behaviour

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What is the primary motive for serial rape according to De Wet's studies?


What are some possible motives for serial rape according to Stevenson?

Lust, righteousness rape, peer rape, control, supremacy, and fantasy

What is the motivation for hate crimes?


What is the link between anger and criminal behavior?

Anger can lead to a feeling of hate, which can motivate revenge

According to Soyombo (2008), what is the definition of xenophobia?

The dislike of strangers or foreigners

What is a possible cause of revenge crimes?

The desire for aggressive retaliation

What is the role of envy and possessive jealousy in criminal behaviour?

They can lead to acts of violence or aggression

What is the potential consequence of a community's reaction to crime through vigilante attacks?

The continuation of the cycle of violence

What is the central idea of the rational choice theory?

People choose their behavior based on the hedonistic calculus

According to classical criminology, how can crime be controlled?

Through the fear of criminal sanctions

What is the offender-specific characteristic of crime according to rational choice theorists?

The characteristics of the crime

Who developed the classical school of criminology?

Cesare Beccaria

According to rational choice theorists, what are some personal factors that motivate people to commit crime?

Anger, lust, and jealousy

What is the main focus of traits theorists in explaining criminal behavior?

All of the above

What is the framework of social institutions that sociological theories of crime touch on?

Social structure

What is the key determinant of criminal behavior patterns according to social structure theorists?

Social forces operating in run-down lower-class areas

What is the main focus of strain theory?

The conflict between a person's goals and the means to achieve them legally

According to social process theories, what is the chief determinant of criminal behavior?

The techniques and attitudes of crime learned through socialisation

What is the main focus of social control theory?

The natural motivations towards criminal behavior that people must learn to curb

What is the main focus of cultural deviance theory?

The unique strain and social isolation of lower-class culture

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a possible motive for a crime in the text?


What was the motive behind the Oscar Pistorius case according to the text?


Which of the following crimes is NOT mentioned as being possibly committed out of jealousy?


What is the importance of analyzing the facts of each case according to the text?

To avoid making assumptions

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a possible motive for murder in the text?


What is the purpose of the text?

To emphasize the importance of analyzing the facts of each case

What is the difference between power-assertion and power-reassurance rape?

Power-assertion rape is an expression of the rapist's virility and dominance, while power-reassurance rape is motivated by the rapist's attempt to resolve lingering doubts about his sexual adequacy and masculinity.

What is the main motivation behind anger rape?

The rapist's expression of anger and frustration.

What is the main motivation behind sexually motivated/sadistic rape?

The rapist's sexual satisfaction derived from tormenting, humiliating and sadistically abusing the victim.

What is the difference between power rape and sexually motivated/sadistic rape?

Power rape is motivated by the rapist's desire for sexual satisfaction, while sexually motivated/sadistic rape is motivated by the rapist's need for power and control over the victim.

Test your knowledge on motives and its causes with this quiz. Learn about the distinction between the "in-group" and "out-group" and the impact it has on attitudes towards foreigners. Challenge yourself with questions on the roots of xenophobia and its manifestations in society.

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