Ch.3 Serial Communication Test

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Which data communication interface standard replaced the parallel ATA for connecting EIDE drives to PC motherboards?


Which standard uses a connector identical to RS-232, except in pinouts, for a balanced-to-ground signal system?


Which standard supports isochronous data, delivering data at a guaranteed rate?

IEEE 1394c-2006

Which standard was a project to add single mode fiber as an additional transport medium to FireWire?

IEEE 1394d – Proposed

Which standard has data rates ranging from 0.5 Gbps to 16.0 Gbps, with a maximum length of 1 m?


Which standard has moved from a parallel configuration to a serial connection, transferring data at a higher rate over a longer distance?


Which standard uses the S1600 and S3200 modes that compete with USB 3?

IEEE 1394-2008

Which standard protocol uses an 8B/10B signaling scheme, where 8-bit combinations are represented by 10-bit patterns?

IEEE 1394c-2006

What classification of products does IEEE 1394c-2006 use?

S1600 and S3200 modes

What type of standard is EIA-530?

Mechanical standard for a balanced-to-ground signal system

What is the data transfer rate for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) version 3?

Higher speed than previous versions

Which external bus standard supports data transfer rates of up to 800 Mbps?

IEEE 1394

What does the EIA-449 standard describe?

Media and electrical descriptions for EIA-422 and EIA-423

What is the purpose of the UART chip in a computer?

To send and receive 8-bit data values via an EIA-232 circuit

Which protocol requires specialized transmitting and receiving hardware for synchronous communications?


What is the range of data transfer rates supported by the Universal Serial Bus (USB)?

1.5 Mbps, 400 Mbps, 800 Mbps

Which standard originally intended to phase out RS-232 but has been replaced by EIA-530 for circuits above 20 Kbps?


What is the signal used to determine whether the DCE is in the DATA mode and ready to communicate?

DTE Ready

What does a differential transmitter do in signal transmission?

Puts the transmitted signal on one line and a polarity-inverted copy on the other

What are the design goals of the Universal Serial Bus (USB)?

"Low cost and true plug-and-play operation"

Which organization developed the TIA/EIA-232-F standard?

Electronic Industries Alliance

What is the purpose of the TIA/EIA-232-F standard?

To establish the electrical and/or mechanical interface between the DCE and the DTE

What are the main focus of this chapter?

Serial communication standards and their impact on PC interfaces

What is the role of TIA/EIA serial standards?

To specify the electrical and/or mechanical interface between the DCE and the DTE

What was the original intention of the TIA/EIA-232-F standard?

To describe the interface between a modem and a teleprinter

What does DTE stand for in data communications?

Data Terminal Equipment

What is the purpose of signal conversion in digital communication?

To adapt internal voltage-based representation to suit the communication channel medium

What are some examples of PC-based standards mentioned in the text?

USB 2.0, FireWire, SATA

What does EIA stand for in 'EIA449'?

Electronic Industries Association

What was the intended use of RS-232-C when it was first conceived?

To specify only a 25-pin connector and describe its actions

What is the focus of TIA/EIA-422 and 423 standards?

Electrical and/or mechanical interface between DTEs, DCEs, and other devices

Why did EIA449 apparently never really catch on?

It did not offer significant improvements over RS-232-C

Test your knowledge of serial communications standards, including EIA/TIA standards 232, 422, and 485. Explore the advancements in serial interface technologies for PCs.

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