Writing a Formal Complaint Letter

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What is the purpose of the first paragraph in a complaint letter?

To introduce the reason for writing

Which salutation is appropriate when the recipient's name is unknown in a complaint letter?

Dear Sir/Madam

What should be included in the second paragraph of a complaint letter?

Detail the first complaint

Which phrase can be used to introduce the third complaint in a complaint letter?


When should you mention a possible solution in a complaint letter?

In the closing remarks

Which closing salutation is appropriate when the recipient's name is known in a complaint letter?

'Yours Sincerely'

Study Notes

  • Begin a complaint letter with addresses on the left for the recipient and on the right for oneself, followed by a salutation like "Dear Mr. Brown" with a comma.
  • The first paragraph should introduce the reason for writing, using expressions like "I am writing to complain about" or "I wish to express my dissatisfaction with."
  • The second paragraph should detail the first complaint using phrases like "firstly" or "the first thing I would like to draw your attention to is."
  • Subsequent paragraphs can address second and third complaints using connectors like "secondly" or "to make matters worse."
  • Include closing remarks in a paragraph where you can mention a possible solution, such as requesting a refund or replacement.
  • Conclude the letter with a closing salutation like "Yours Faithfully" if the recipient's name is unknown, or "Yours Sincerely" if known, followed by your name.
  • Emphasize that a complaint letter follows a formal structure with standard phrases and expressions to ensure clarity and professionalism.

Learn how to structure and write a formal complaint letter with standard phrases and expressions for clarity and professionalism. The letter should include addresses, salutations, introduction, detailed complaints, possible solutions, and closing remarks.

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