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Match the following parts of a letter with their functions:

Salutation = Greeting the recipient Body = Main content of the letter Complimentary close = Polite way to end the letter Subject line = Briefly summarizes the letter's content

Match the following with their roles in a letter:

Recipient's address = Specifies the address of the recipient Date = Indicates the date the letter was written Signature = Writer's name to authenticate the letter Reference number = Unique identifier for the letter

Match the following with their purposes in a letter:

Introduction = Provides background or context for the letter Request = Asks for specific action or response Conclusion = Summarizes the main points of the letter Apology = Expresses regret or remorse for a mistake

Quiz: Writing a Complaint Letter to the Commissioner Test your skills in writing a formal complaint letter to the commissioner of a corporation. This quiz will assess your ability to effectively communicate concerns about the sanitary condition of streets in your locality.

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