Workshop Safety Precautions
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Workshop Safety Precautions

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What is the maximum carbon content in steel?


Which metal is considered as a non-ferrous metal?


What should be done if feeling uneasy or unsafe operating tools or machinery in the workshop?

Inform the workshop supervisor for help

How are metals mainly classified?

<p>As metals and non-metals</p> Signup and view all the answers

What must be done if an accident happens in the workshop?

<p>Report it to the workshop staff and fill out an Accident Report Form</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Steel Properties

  • The maximum carbon content in steel is 2.1%.

Metal Classification

  • A non-ferrous metal is one that does not contain iron, example: copper, aluminum, etc.

Workshop Safety

  • If feeling uneasy or unsafe operating tools or machinery in the workshop, stop and seek assistance or guidance from a teacher or supervisor.
  • If an accident happens in the workshop, report it immediately to a teacher or supervisor.

Metal Classification Categories

  • Metals are mainly classified into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Test your knowledge of safety precautions in a workshop environment. This quiz covers important guidelines for clothing, firefighting, and reporting accidents.

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