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What is the primary focus of human resource management (HRM)?

Acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees

Which function involves determining the type of people to hire and recruiting prospective employees?


In the talent management process, what is one of the key steps after recruitment?

Training and development

What does competency-based job analysis focus on?

Identifying the specific skills required for a job

What is a crucial aspect of recruitment in human resource management?

Selecting the right employees for the job

What does compensating employees involve in the HRM context?

Ensuring fair pay and benefits

Which function in management involves maintaining morale and motivating subordinates?


What is a key responsibility of HRM in relation to employee development?

Training and developing employees

What is a critical aspect of the talent management process?

Acquiring top talent

Why is recruitment an essential part of human resource management?

To select and hire suitable candidates

Study Notes

Human Resource Management

  • HRM is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns.
  • The HRM function involves several activities, including recruiting, training, developing employees, setting performance standards, evaluating performance, counseling employees, and compensating employees.

The Line Staff Relationship

  • The line staff relationship should be cooperative, with the line manager and HR team working together to achieve common goals.
  • In recruiting and hiring, the line manager describes the qualifications needed, and the HR team develops sources of qualified applicants, conducts initial screening interviews, and administers tests.
  • The HR team then refers the best applicants to the line manager, who interviews and selects the ones they want.

HR Department Responsibilities

  • Some activities are usually assigned to HR alone, such as preemployment testing (60% of firms), college recruiting (75%), and insurance benefits administration (80%).
  • HR department responsibilities may vary depending on the organization and the specific roles assigned.
  • Globalization and competition are driving trends in HRM, with a focus on strategic, big-picture issues.
  • Technological trends are changing the way HRM is conducted, with the use of new technologies to provide transactional services.
  • There is a growing emphasis on workforce and demographic trends, economic challenges, and trends in the nature of work.

The New Human Resource Managers

  • Modern HR managers focus on strategic, big-picture issues, and use new ways to provide transactional services.
  • They take an integrated, talent management approach to managing human resources, and manage ethics, employee engagement, and HR performance and results.
  • They use evidence-based HRM, add value, and have new competencies.

Cooperative Line and Staff HR Management

  • An example of cooperative line and staff HR management is in recruiting and hiring, where the line manager and HR team work together to achieve common goals.

Human Resource Management Yesterday and Today

  • HRM has evolved from a focus on administrative tasks to a more strategic, big-picture approach.
  • Today, HR managers focus on adding value, managing ethics, and using evidence-based HRM.

The Plan of This Book

  • The book is organized into five parts, covering introduction, recruitment, placement, and talent management, training and development, compensation, and employee relations.
  • Each part covers key concepts and techniques in HRM, with a focus on practical applications and case studies.

Test your knowledge on topics related to recruiting, temporary labor administration, pre-employment testing, and employer-employee relationships in workforce management practices. Understand the importance of a cooperative line staff relationship in activities such as recruiting and hiring.

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