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The teacher gave the students a lot of ______ to solve


She plays the ______ beautifully


The children were excited for the ______ break


The doctor provided valuable ______ about the patient's condition


They had a fun ______ at the beach


Match the following items with their typical location:

Library = Books Restaurant = Food Museum = Artifacts Hospital = Patients

Match the following items with their usual time of occurrence:

Breakfast = Morning Dinner = Evening Lunch = Afternoon Midnight snack = Night

Match the following items with their common place of use:

Bike = Road Computer = Office Table = Dining room Bed = Bedroom

Match the following items with their usual associated activity:

Music = Listening Homework = Studying Dinner = Eating Exercise = Physical activity

Match the following items with their related concepts or feelings:

Love = Romance Fear = Anxiety Happiness = Joy Sadness = Grief

Test your word association skills with this quiz where you will be given a list of words and must quickly write down the first word that comes to mind. Challenge yourself and see how many connections you can make!

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