Word Association Quiz: Backward Festival to Tribe

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What are some examples of items or events that can be associated with a festival?

sandal, slipper, carnival, grassland, soccer, celebrate, souvenir, parade

What are some natural features mentioned in the text?

branch, grassland, coast, highlands, sunlight, culture, oxygen, territory, landmark, desert, tribe

What are some characteristics of the things mentioned in the text?

foolish, explode, complicated, intelligent, dangerous, mature, rare, vast

The ancient ruins are a popular ______ for tourists to explore


During the summer, many people visit the ______ to relax and enjoy the sunny weather


The nomadic ______ relied on hunting and gathering for survival


Test your word association skills with this quiz! Match each word to its most closely related word from the given list. From 'backward' to 'tribe', see how many connections you can make!

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