Water Management and Conservation: Chapter 5

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What percentage of the earth's water is found in the ocean?


What is the primary function of the hydrologic cycle?

To continuously circulate water in the Earth-atmosphere system

What is the definition of freshwater?

Water that contains less than 1,000 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of dissolved solids

What is the primary source of freshwater?

Surface water

What is the primary purpose of managing and conserving water resources?

To ensure the availability of water for future generations

What is a common disadvantage of solar energy?

High initial costs for material and installation

What is the primary source of energy harnessed in hydropower?

Potential energy of dammed water

What is a benefit of impoundment hydropower?

Creation of reservoirs for recreational opportunities

What is a classification of hydropower plants based on capacity?

Micro-hydro, Mini-hydro, Large hydro

What is a limitation of solar powered cars?

They do not have the same speeds and power as typical gas powered cars

What is a common challenge faced by hydropower plants?

Water scarcity due to drought

What is the term for non-decomposable wastes, either combustible or non-combustible?


What is solid waste often called in relation to other forms of pollution?

The third pollution

Which of the following is NOT a type of solid waste?

Water pollution

What is the term for residues of the combustion of solid fuels?


Which of the following activities generates solid waste?

Domestic, commercial, and industrial activities

According to RA 9003, what is included in the definition of solid waste?

All discarded non-hazardous institutional, ports/harbor and industrial waste, and other non-hazardous/non-toxic solid waste

What is one of the consequences of solid waste breaking down in landfills?

Formation of methane

What is the result of unmanaged solid waste in terms of flooding?

Aggravation of flood-related disasters

What is the primary goal of ecological solid waste management?

Minimize environmental harm

What is the recommended starting point for ecological solid waste management?

Household level

What is the result of garbage accumulation in rivers, canals, and wetlands?

Obstruction of water flow

What is the definition of solid waste management according to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency?

The application of techniques to ensure the orderly execution of waste management functions

What is one simple step to reduce waste when shopping?

Buy products in minimal packaging

What is the main goal of reusing unwanted items?

To reduce waste destined for landfills

What is a potential health hazard of reusing certain items?

Exposure to toxic lead, mercury, and cadmium

What is an alternative to buying brand new power tools?

Borrowing or hiring them

What is a benefit of buying long-lasting kitchen utensils and household products?

They reduce the amount of waste produced

What is one way to give new life to unwanted goods?

Using the internet to locate someone who can reuse them

Test your knowledge on Water Resources in the Philippines, water uses by sector, water availability and scarcity, water pollution, and management and conservation measures. This quiz covers the hydrologic cycle, sources of water, and various water uses.

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