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Which type of wound is generally deeper than it is wide/long?

Stab/puncture wound

Which type of wound is generally longer than it is deep?

Incised wound

Which type of wound is characterized by contusions, abrasions, lacerations, and bone fractures?

Blunt instrument wound

Which type of gunshot wound is characterized by the muzzle being held on or near the skin when fired?

Contact wound

Which age range is considered for interview at CAC?

3-18 years

What do multiple, fingertip or ligature patterned bruises indicate?

Control or restraint injuries

What are the symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Petechiae, bleeding in and around the brain, shearing of nerve cell branches, broken ribs & collar bones, retinal bleeding, respiratory arrest

What is suicide defined as?

A conscious and deliberate termination of one's own life

Which organization provides appropriate sites for forensic interviews?

Child Advocacy Center

Where is the primary target for physical abuse injuries?

Backside from neck to knees

What should be done to improve night vision while driving?

Dim panel lights and clean headlights and windshield

When should seatbelts be disengaged?

When releasing and guiding the seat belt

Which of the following is a symptom of Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Pupils unresponsive to light

What is the most serious degree of burn?

3rd degree burn

What is the trigger mechanism that sets the abuser in motion and starts the abuse?

Anything can be a crisis or excuse

What is the age range of the majority of Shaken Baby Syndrome victims?

Under 1 year old

Which of the following is a variable that can affect the calculation of time of death?

Starting temperature

Which of the following is the order of progression of rigor mortis?

Starts in small muscles of the face, progresses down the neck to the torso and out through the arms and legs, fingers and toes affected last

Which of the following is a major indication of death that occurs after 5-6 days from internal gas build up?


Which of the following is a manner of death that involves intentional self-destruction by a person?


Which of the following is a potential hazard when driving in snow and ice conditions?

Increased stopping distance

What should you do if your engine stalls while driving?

Shift to neutral and re-start

What is the force that pushes a vehicle traveling in a curve outward, away from the center?

Centrifugal force

What should you do if your hood flies up while driving?

Use side windows and slow to stop

Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the first responding officer at a death scene?

Performing an autopsy

What is the difference between 'cause of death' and 'manner of death'?

Cause of death is the specific injury or disease that led to death, while manner of death is how the death came about

What are the three obvious indications of death?

Livor mortis, algor mortis, rigor mortis

When evaluating whether a death was accidental, natural, suicide, or homicide, what approach should be taken?

Suspect the worst and investigate accordingly

Test your knowledge on collecting and documenting medical reports in cases of physical abuse with this quiz. Learn about the importance of SANE/FNE reports, HIPPA restrictions, and consent forms. Understand how to document injuries with notes, photos, audio, and video. Discover how the location, size, and shape of injuries can provide insights into the circumstances of abuse.

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