Vertebrate Characteristics: Notochord, Pharynx, Nervous System, and More

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Which structure in humans occasionally results from the failure of the cervical sinus to close?

Cervical fistulas

What is the main respiratory mechanism in vertebrates?


What are the oldest vertebrates that lived in fresh water and had no jaws?


What anatomical feature distinguishes arachnids from protochordates?

Lack of notochord or internal gills

Which feature is a point of organization exhibited by annelids and arachnids that excludes them from being considered protochordate origins?

Presence of ventral nerve cord

What evidence suggests a relationship between echinoderms and chordates?

Similar blood serum and muscle chemistry

Which subphylum includes the Ammocoete larva, which was once believed to be an adult protochordate?

Subphylum Urochordata (Tunicata)

Which characteristic of vertebrates strengthens the hypothesis that they share a common ancestry with protochordates?

Having no vertebral column

Under which classification are vertebrates grouped based on their embryonic membrane?

As to their appearance

Which group of vertebrates is characterized by the presence of limbs?


Test your knowledge of vertebrate characteristics including the development of the notochord into the skull, trunk, and tail, the presence of pharyngeal pouches or slits, and the formation of the dorsal hollow nervous system. Explore additional unique traits of vertebrates.

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