Validity in Research Studies

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Which factor is the main contributor to the increase in internal validity of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)?

Even distribution of socio-economic status

What is a characteristic of good external validity in a study?

Representative recruited sample

Which type of evidence is considered poor when assessing levels of evidence?


Why do Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses have better internal and external validity than single RCTs?

Increased number of participants

What is the role of randomization in improving internal validity of a study?

Ensures an even distribution of background variables

Why are Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) ranked at the top in terms of both internal and external validity?

They provide equal probability for control and intervention groups

What does internal validity refer to?

The ability to attribute changes in a dependent variable to the independent variable

Which of the following is an example of internal validity concern?

Does smoking cause lung cancer?

What does external validity focus on?

Generalizability of study findings

Which question is related to external validity?

Will a study on psychotherapy generalize to people with anxiety disorders?

In the hierarchy of evidence, where do Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis rank?

At the top as strong evidence

Which type of study is considered to have good internal and external validity?

Randomized Controlled Trials

What does external validity refer to?

Generalizing study results to other settings, populations, and times

Which type of studies often provide good external validity by reflecting real-world scenarios?

Case-control studies

How does high external validity impact the applicability of study findings?

It expands the applicability to a broader audience

Why are studies with high internal validity ranked higher in the evidence hierarchy?

Due to more reliable cause-effect conclusions

What is the ideal scenario for studying evidence validity?

Balancing high internal with good external validity

Which type of studies rank highest by potentially offering a balance of high internal and external validity across diverse settings?

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Explore the importance of internal and external validity in research studies, and how these concepts influence the generalizability of study results. Learn about the contribution of validity to the hierarchy of evidence.

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