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Which region of the vertebral column has the smallest bodies?


How many separate bones make up the vertebral column?


Which curvature of the spine is concave anteriorly?

Kyphotic curves

When does the cervical lordosis develop?

When infants begin to hold their heads up

Pedicles connect...

Body to TVPs

Laminae connect

TVPs to SP

How many pairs of spinal nerves exit off the spinal cord?


Which part of the vertebrae connects the body of the vertebrae with the transverse processes?


What is the opening between the body and the vertebral arch called?

Vertebral foramen

Which curvature develops when children start standing and walking?

Lumbar lordosis

Which region(s) of the vertebral column forms a lordotic curvature?

Cervical and Lumbar

The atlas has...

All of the above

Which thoracic vertebrae have no facets on the transverse processes?

T11 and T12

What are the components of the thoracic cage?

All of the above

Which part of the sternum articulates with the clavicles and the first and upper part of the second costal cartilages on each side?


Which rib has a tubercle on the inner (medial) border for the insertion of the anterior scalene muscle?

First rib

Which rib(s) have only a single articular facet on the head and no neck or tubercle?

Eleventh and twelfth ribs

Which part of the ribs carries the intercostal muscles?

Intercostal spaces

Which part of the rib accommodates the intercostal vessels and nerve?

Costal groove

Which part of the rib has two semi-facets for articulation with the numerically corresponding vertebral body and that of the vertebra immediately above?


Which part of the sternum marks the approximate level of the 2nd pair of costal cartilages and the level of the intervertebral disc between T4 and T5?

Sternal angle

Which part of the vertebral column consists of five fused vertebrae and forms a wedge-shaped bone?


What is the function of the intervertebral discs in the vertebral column?

To bear weight and absorb shock

Which part of the sacrum articulates with the coccyx?

Narrow inferior border

How many pairs of posterior sacral foramina are present in the sacrum?


What are the two triangular flat surfaces called on the sides of the first sacral vertebra?

Sacral Ala

Which part of the vertebral column articulates with the two hip bones to form the sacroiliac joints?


How many vertebrae are fused together to form the coccyx?


What is the name of the concentric rings of fibrocartilage that connect adjacent vertebral bodies and secure the nucleus in position in the intervertebral discs?

Annulus fibrosus

Which part of the vertebral column has the vertebral foramina that form the sacral canal?


Lamina + Pedical = Vertebral ____

Transverse ligament of the atlas holds the _____ in place

The 1st rib only articulates with T1


The 2nd rib only articulates with T2


Which throacic vertebra(e) will the 4th rib articulate with?

T3 & T4

Which of the following ribs are atypical?

Rib 10

Which of the following ribs are atypical?

All of the above

Intervertebral disks make up approximately 50% of column height


____________ is a semi-gelatinous mass that acts as shock absorber

Annulus Fibrosis are concentric rings of ________ that connect adjacent vertebral bodies and secure nucleus in position

The most distinctive feature of the C7 is a prominent _______

The only exceptional feature of C2 is the _______

Which region of the vertebral column has the largest bodies?


Test your knowledge on the attachments and functions of the upper limb muscles, as well as the classification of the thoracic cage and its rib attachments. Learn about the structures that protect the organs and support the mammary glands.

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