Units for Plane Angle and Solid Angle

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Which of the following is NOT a base unit in the SI system?


What is the unit for plane angle in the SI system?


Which of these systems of units had the base units of foot, pound, and second?


What is the full form of the abbreviation 'SI'?

Système Internationale d' Unites

Which organization is responsible for developing and revising the SI system?

Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM)

What is the SI unit for solid angle?


What is the internationally accepted reference standard called?


Which system of units was not extensively used by scientists in earlier times?

SI system

What is the term used for units obtained for physical quantities other than base quantities?

Derived units

How are the units for derived quantities related to the base units?

They are expressed as combinations of base units

What do we need for expressing all physical quantities, even though their number appears large?

A limited number of units

Which term is used to refer to the complete set of both base and derived units?

System of units

What is the SI unit for plane angle?

Radian (rad)

Which of the following is a dimensionless quantity?

Both plane angle and solid angle

The SI unit for solid angle is:

Steradian (sr)

Which of the following is the SI base unit for length?

Metre (m)

Which of the following is NOT an SI base unit?


The SI base unit for time is defined in terms of:

The caesium-133 atom hyperfine transition frequency

This quiz covers the units for plane angle and solid angle, which are radian (rad) and steradian (sr) respectively. Both of these units are dimensionless quantities. The quiz also includes descriptions of plane angle (dθ) and solid angle (dΩ), along with SI base quantities and units.

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