Types of Qualitative Research: Phenomenology and Ethnography

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What is the primary objective of historical review?

To describe past events to understand current patterns for future decisions

Which type of qualitative research focuses on life accounts of individuals and their personal experiences?

Narrative review

What is the main difference between phenomenological research and narrative research?

Phenomenological research describes and explains a phenomenon through lived experiences, while narrative research focuses on the nature of the story told by participants.

In which type of qualitative research is discourse analysis a commonly employed approach?

Narrative review

What kind of data does historical review aim to identify, evaluate, and synthesize?

Past event data

Which type of qualitative research may use narrative but does not necessarily need phenomenological research?

Narrative review

What is the primary purpose of ethnography?

To understand the culture and experiences of a group of people in their natural environment

Which research type aims to explain a phenomenon through developing a theory?

Grounded theory

What is the common data collection instrument used for grounded theory research?


Which qualitative research type allows for intensive analysis of a phenomenon?

Case study

Which research type primarily describes participants' real-life experiences of a specific event?


What is a key instrument used in ethnographic research for data collection?

Observation and interview

What is the primary focus of qualitative research?

Studying subjects in a natural setting

Which approach allows primary research findings to be derived from dominant themes observed in society?

Holistic approach

What is required of the researcher in immersion during a study?

To become part of the observed group

Which of the following best describes empathic neutrality in research?

Being observant of neutrality in compiling study findings

What does flexible research design allow researchers to do?

Continue research on new objectives emerging during the process

What does qualitative data refer to?

Detailed documentation and description of events or phenomena observed

Explore the characteristics of qualitative research methods like Phenomenology and Ethnography, which aim to understand human experiences and culture. Learn about the data collection techniques and sample sizes commonly used in these research approaches.

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