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Types of Memory and Attention Basics

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What aspect of attention describes how we choose which information will be processed further?

Selective attention

Which lobe of the brain is linked to attentional control?

Parieto-frontal lobes

What is the primary role of divided attention?

Balancing competing information

Which type of attention helps us focus on relevant information and ignore irrelevant information?

Selective attention

Which stage involves passing a small amount of selectively attended information to the next processing stage?

Working memory

Which aspect of cognition does the Information-Processing Model focus on?

Attention and memory

According to the Information-Processing Model, what does sensory memory represent?

First level of processing incoming information

What is the primary function of sensory memory in the Information-Processing Model?

Filtering and registering incoming information

What does the Information-Processing Model suggest about how information is stored?

Stored actively through a series of 'stores'

In the context of the Information-Processing Model, what role does active processing play in cognitive functioning?

It is crucial in transforming incoming information

Which type of processing requires all available attentional capacity?

Effortful Processing

According to the Information Loss model, what happens to the rate at which information is lost as individuals age?

It increases

In the context of the Information Loss model, why does processing take longer if less information is available at the beginning of a step?

Because less information results in more time needed to complete the step

Which type of processing places minimal demands on attentional capacity and occurs largely without awareness?

Automatic Processing

According to Myerson et al. (1990), what is the major difference in information processing between older and younger adults?

Older adults lose more information at each processing step than younger adults

Test your knowledge on sensory memory and attention basics. Learn about the characteristics of sensory memory, how attention determines which information is processed beyond sensory memory, and the components of attention. Improve your understanding of memory processes and attentional control.

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